Support Groups

Reasons why people need to attend support groups:

Many emotional problems involve individuals difficulties in relating to others, including feelings of isolation, rejection and loneliness and the ability to form meaningful relationships.


The benefits of group therapy permits the individual to work out their problems in the presence of others, to observe how other people react to their behavior and try out new methods of responding when old ones prove unsatisfactory.


people derive comfort and support from observing that others have similar, perhaps more severe problems and people can learn by watching how others behave. They can explore attitudes and reactions by interacting with a variety of people not just the therapist. Remember you are not alone in this "problem".


Although we seek help from the therapist the final tests lies in how well the person can apply the attitudes and responses learned in therapy to relationships in everyday life.

Clairwood - KZN

Khalid Shah Hall, Sir Kumar Reddy Road

Monday at 7:30pm

Chatsworth - KZN

Unit 10 Musjid ( opp Chatsmed Gardens Hospital )

Wednesday at 7:30pm

Phoenix - KZN

Stanmore Musjid ( Unit 17 )

Tuesday at 7:30pm

Umzinto - KZN

Umzinto Town Hall - Riverside Park

Wednesday at 7:30pm

Clare Estate - KZN

RAUF Head Office - 233 Spencer Road

Friday at 7:30pm

Pietermaritzburg - KZN

Muslim Burial Society - 60 Allandale Drive

Monday at 7:30pm

Stanger - KZN

95 D Mahatma Ghandi Street

Wednesday at 7:30pm

Estcourt - KZN

Fordville Hall, Canna Avenue, Fordville

Wednesday at 7:30pm

Gauteng Central

Gauteng Regional Office, 53 California Street, Crosby

Friday at 7:00pm

Lenasia - JHB

Nurul Islam Hall, Giraffe Street

Wednesday at 8:00pm

Benoni - JHB

Bazme Adab Hall, Cnr Loonat Street & Mayet Drive

Tuesday at 7:30pm

Roshnee - JHB

Roshnee Muslim School

Monday at 7:45pm

Laudium - JHB

World Memon Foundation Center, Next to KFC

Monday at 7:15pm

Lansdowne - Cape Town

Shukrul Mubeen Musjid

Wednesday at 7:30pm

Port Shepstone - KZN

Marburg Secondary School, Deepvale Rd

Tuesday at 7:30pm