Process of Recovery

Admitting the problem and showing remorse.
Committing yourself to change.
Detoxification by exercising and proper diet.
Changing the environment, home & social.
Getting the right kind of support.
Working to a plan.
Expressing repressed feelings.
Re-educating oneself.
Taking responsibility for your life.
Feeling compassion.
Re-connection with your true self.
Maintaining abstinence and sobriety.

For the person who wants to quit. D - DAY

On the day you quit, remind yourself to do the following:

Quitting is possible, and thousands of people do it successfully
You owe it to yourself not to be a slave to a substance or activity
Withdrawal symptoms are temporary and will ease sooner than you think
If you relapse, you have to start all over again - Don't lose hope
One use will lead to another - Always remember this
For someone who has an addiction problem, there is no such thing as one drink, cigarette or fix, this is a very important affirmation because the temptation is almost always couched in terms of 'just one'
Write these down on an index card & carry it around and read it every hour

Do the following:

Discard all paraphernalia used during drugging.
Each day tell someone that you have stayed clean.
Do not lie.
Engage in prayer daily ( Turn to the God of your understanding )
Stay away from tempting environments.
Review your list of reasons for wanting to quit.
Talk about non-use to friends and relatives and enlist their support.
Distract yourself by doing something during a craving experience, rather than to analyze your feeling.
If you slip, do not use it as an excuse for complete relapse - seek advise.
Get some physical exercise each day.

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