It has been 18 years to date and your generosity and compassion towards the R.A.U.F mission and the community is general has remained steadfast and UN-wavering. In our journey together we are pleased to emphasize that "our commitment" has brought about expansion in may spheres towards realizing our vision, goals & objectives.

Our accomplishment thus far has been phenomenal and the capacity of our service offerings has snowballed to epic proportions. Still there is so much to do and accomplish as the drug scourge is ever speedily increasing and over role in tackling the matter is always being stretched to the limits.

It is therefore imperative that R.A.U.F capacitates to always be at the optimum in being able to comfortably execute our service offerings and be able to reach out and assist even more people. We have flourished to a national level having structures in as far as cape Town & JHB to conduct our programmes and to offer our "brand of treatment".

Our building project at Spencer Road has progressed well and the first phase has been completed. Thanks to you, phase two is now in the pipeline. We urge you to meet with us to discuss our plans & needs. We also beseech your continued commitment, support & assistance in taking 'our' mission to the next level.

90% of our cases are zakaatable and it is our policy to try not to refuse anyone due to their financial difficulties. HENCE THE NEED FOR LILLAH / ZAKKAT FUNDS IS IMPERATIVE
and what so ever you spend in the way of God, You will be reapaid in full, you will not be wronged in any way. Ameen.

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