What is R.A.U.F

Contact is made with drug addicts via consultations at our office. The drug addict is then screened and motivated to attend "out patients" programmes at various venues, days and times. However, if need be, they will admitted as in-patients. Regular assessments are done by a team comprising of medical doctors, social workers, drug counsellors, etc to monitor the recovery whilst in the centre.

The in-patient programme could take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on individual progress. Among other things, a lot of effort is made to reunite the drug addict with his/her family and to empower them with skills development programmes while they are at the centre.On release, they attend the outpatient programmes conducted by R.A.U.F. This support group process continues for 2 years per individual.

The programmes that we run are based on Islamic ethos. This includes Salaah, Zikr, Quranic recitations, etc. Non-muslim service users are accommodated with regards to religious practices.

Group therapy sessions are regularly conducted to dismantle the psyche of individuals and encourage them in recovery. An environment of "family and brotherhood" pervades that fosters our "FRIENDS FOR LIFE" objectives.

Our Mission

To combat the scourge of substance abuse and other social ills by empowering the people through counseling, rehabilitation, skills development and other practical initiatives.

Our Vision

To foster a self-reliant Ummah ( people ), by creating a drug free society, Insha Allah. ( by the grace of God )

Our Objectives

Establish a rehabilitation centre for female substance abusers as soon as possible.
Maintain a rehabilitation centre for male substance abusers.
Combat unemployment, by providing skills developement.
Create and promote drug awareness initiatives in schools and the general media.
Render emotional and moral support to families affected by drug abuse.
Empower the community.

What Necessitated the Founding of R.A.U.F

Having been involved in welfare related fieldwork for several years, we found that a large percentage of family hardship was due to drugs being the underlying cause.

Giving handouts was counter productive as it promoted a culture of dependence on welfare organizations and the "giving community". The scourge of drug abuse and the associated family problems were increasing at an alarming rate. We decide to " Test the waters". In June 1998 we began by providing counseling to drug addicts.

This effort has snowballed since, culminating in us now having a treatment center that has between 50 to 100 service users at any given time.

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